2. Acknowledgements

The Biosecurity User Guide was made possible through funding from AAFC.

It is based on the National Swine Farm-Level Biosecurity Standard developed by the Technical Committee on Biosecurity. Authors of the Biosecurity Standard were Drs. Tom Riek, Brad Chappell, Christian Klopfenstein, Francois Cardinal, Doug McDougald, and Lucie Verdon. The sample standard operating procedures were based on procedures that were kindly provided by Sunterra Farms, Fast Genetics, PIC Canada, Hypor Inc., Southwest Ontario Veterinary Services, Genetic Alliance, the Ontario Swine Health Advisory Board, the Ontario Agri Business Association and the Centre de développement du porc du Québec.

The Guide was reviewed by several producers: Brent Robinson, Ryan Martin, Wally Driediger, James Hofer, Normand Martineau, Herman Simon, Luc Lapointe and Dominic Lemay.

The User Guide was written by Dr. Chris Byra with website design by Dave Sherwin and website programming by aweburn Design and Multimedia. Art in the User Guide by Nicole Acker.