4. Best Management Practices for Farm Biosecurity for Pig Production

4.6 Dead Stock Removal

Refers to standard 2.2.3

Dead stock removal protocols should include the process of transferring pigs to the temporary storage, maintenance of the storage and, if using a rendering plant, the sanitation protocol for the rendering truck.

4.6.1 Dead stock must be removed from the barn to a container that does not leak and the surrounding area cannot be contaminated with body fluids or other organic matter and is protected from pest access. Temporary storage is best kept outside the CAZ. Dead stock pick up protocol and temporary storage location is needed. If within the CAZ, know and approve of renderer's sanitation protocol. Properly operated on-farm disposal, such as composting, is better than using a commercial service (Example of composting system). Have available a written protocol for handling dead stock from inside the barn to off the farm. Example. Maintain and clean the temporary storage facility regularly. Remove dead stock from the barn as soon as practical preferably at the end of the day.