4. Best Management Practices for Farm Biosecurity for Pig Production

4.12 Garbage and Other Waste Handling

Refers to Standard 2.2.15

Garbage and waste from the RAZ should be in disposable bags and the garbage area must be maintained to remain free of pests and predators.

4.12.1 Garbage can storage should be outside of CAZ if possible. Where not possible, entry of the garbage truck must be recorded. A protocol should be in place for the garbage truck in terms of sequence of farms visits, sanitation.

4.12.2 Use disposable bags to carry garbage from RAZ to storage area. Containers should not be returned to RAZ.

4.12.3 There should be a protocol of daily removal of garbage.

4.12.4 Sharps (needles and scalpels) are a risk of infecting and injuring people. Use a proper sharps disposal system.