4. Best Management Practices for Farm Biosecurity for Pig Production

4.11 Manure Handling

Refers to Standard 2.2.14

Keep manure from other farms away from your farm and move your farm manure away from the herd. Maintain strict rules for custom haulers.

4.11.1 Never spread manure from another farm on your farm or near the herd.

4.11.2 Collect, store, and dispose of your farm manure away from the herd.

4.11.3 Use equipment (spreader and tractor) dedicated to your farm site. Where equipment is shared (such as in a production system), move farm to farm in sequence according health, age and importance. Where using a custom operator, establish a protocol that the operator will follow. Consider: Ensure that the contractor avoids other pig farms before coming to your farm. Sequencing his/her movements as denoted above. Sanitation protocol for the equipment

  • Have a written protocol used by the manure operator and record the training session with the operator.
  • The non-dedicated manure spreader must sign in if entering the CAZ.

4.11.4 Clean up any spilled manure from the driveway immediately.