4. Training Tools for Best Management Practices for Farm Biosecurity for Pig Production

4.4 People Entry

+ 4.4.1 Entry of CAZ With the exception of employees, visitors (non-farm workers) entering the CAZ but not the RAZ must record their entry in the CAZ Visitors Log. An example is an electrician working on a generator located in a building outside the RAZ but within the CAZ. Those entering the RAZ would be recorded in the main Visitor Log.

+ 4.4.2 Entry into the RAZ To be effective and to encourage staff to follow protocols, the entry room to the RAZ must be kept clean. A protocol for routine cleaning of this area is necessary. A protocol is needed for the entry of barn staff that prevents them bringing sources of contamination into the barn The dirty: clean boundary could be a bench where clothing is changed or preferably a shower. The bench should have a solid and sealed bottom with a boot tray on the dirty side to avoid leakage of contaminated liquids to the clean side. A line on the floor is almost always an ineffective boundary; it is too easy to cross and to manoeuvre clothes and boot changes is difficult. To be effective, following showering, the staff must not step onto the contaminated area where they just removed their street clothes. A shower where you can walk through is most effective. Danish Entrance: An acceptable alternative would be the Danish Entrance  protocol which includes: changing to in-barn boots and coveralls and sanitizing hands at the dirty: clean barrier. 

+ 4.4.4 Unconnected pig barns Where buildings are not connected, there may be movement out of and back into the RAZ as described in the guide to develop the traffic flows in the CAZProtocols governing this movement should include.

+ 4.4.6 Visitor Protocols Farm protocols for visitors entering the RAZ are needed Maintain a visitor log. The log should include the date, name, contact phone number, reason for visit, last pig contact and when. For foreign visitors, rules regarding entry may include

+ 4.4.7 For domestic visitors or service personnel, again, rules for entry may include Downtime and special entry requirements.