4. Best Management Practices for Farm Biosecurity for Pig Production

4.8 Tools, Equipment and Supplies

Refers to Standards 2.2.10 and 2.2.13

Ensure that protocols are in place to ensure that tools, supplies and equipment are never introduced when contaminated. They could include, rules regarding previous animal contact, sanitation protocols, unidirectional movement within a system and a fumigation room. Medical supplies are a particular concern.

4.8.1 Materials and Equipment Use materials and equipment dedicated to the site In a system, apply strict unidirectional movement of items from one site to the next A protocol for the movement of materials and equipment into the barn is needed Only visibly clean items can be brought in. A policy of only new items are brought in is used by some (especially for breeding stock nucleus or multiplier and boar stud). A sanitation protocol is needed where contaminated equipment enters. Many farms use a fumigation room (often use high pressure disinfectant mister). Wrapping must be removed so that disinfectant can penetrate items. Consider service personnel carrying in tools. Consider paper, eye glasses, camera and other small items – should not contact pigs before sanitizing.

4.8.2 Medical supplies and products Medical supplies and products are a unique concern and need a policy. Consult your veterinarian before bringing a new medicine or vaccine into a barn, particularly with autogenous bacterins. Use approved products only. Follow CQA requirements for medicine and vaccine use and storage. Never bring opened medicine bottles from another farm onto the site – they may be contaminated. Similarly never utilize used needles from another site.

  • Maintain purchase records of medications and audit usage.