4. Training Tools for Best Management Practices for Farm Biosecurity for Pig Production

4.3 Transport Vehicles onto the Farm

+ 4.3.1 Transport Route Use interlining (truck to truck transfer offsite) where there are multiple drops. Transporters delivering pigs to farms should maintain a Pig Transport Log of route and stops.


+ 4.3.2 Vehicle Sanitation Proper protocol for vehicle sanitation must be taught to drivers. The effectiveness of sanitation must be measured to understand the risk posed by a vehicle on farm biosecurity. Similarly a record of verification and results can be entered in the log. Risks and biosecurity procedures for trucks and personal at the abattoir must be understood by all personnel delivering hogs. Hog slaughter house personnel must develop biosecurity protocols for visitors and truckers in their yard. The Factsheet and pamphlet developed in Quebec can be useful tools to address this.

+ 4.3.3 Vehicle entry into CAZ Use an entry log for vehicles not associated directly with the farm except where a secondary record, such as a feed slip or farm truck log, can be maintained. Consider sanitation equipment (disinfectant and hose) at the access point. Automatic sprayers for vehicle disinfection are now used in some farms, particularly poultry. They are only effective if organic material is first removed and spray coverage is adequate.

+ 4.3.4 Load dock procedures