4. Best Management Practices for Farm Biosecurity for Pig Production

4.10 Water Source

Refers to Standard 2.2.12

Where surface water is used for drinking, contamination from wildlife or other animals must be avoided and the water chlorinated. Water should be tested annually at least.

4.10.1 Surface water accumulation in pig areas must be drained to prevent pigs from drinking it.

4.10.2 Surface drinking water storage must be fenced or contained in a way to keep out wildlife or domestic animals. Use a water treatment system (chlorination) for surface water.

  • Record time and amount of chlorine added.

4.10.3 Test water at least annually for the coliform count and E. coli count. Although municipal water at source is subject to health regulations, cisterns and lines can be contaminated so water at the pig level should be tested.

  • Record when the water was tested, what tests done and the results.